Alisha, the Wandering Queen

This is an illustration that was a personal repaint challenge of an old artwork, because I wanted to see just how much I can actually improve. It turned out that it was quite literally EVERYTHING.


A character that is very dear to heart, one that I never get sick of drawing a bunch of times over or wrap lore around. One could compare her akin to Lady Death, who appears in very opportune times to offer an aiding hand or occasionally, give second chances in most dire times. It usually happens at the cost of selling one's soul to her service, usually consisting of harvesting departed souls in a world where the afterlife is fractured and malfunctioning.

Audrienne degiorgio alisha

Final painting

Audrienne degiorgio alishacloseup

Character Close-up

Audrienne degiorgio alisha by sequentialnerd d8xbuyb

Old version